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Rose Cottage Tavern Refurbishment Pre-Project

Its April 6th 2015. Its a good year. Its a good day. Its the sunniest day of the year so far. The removal of boarding, hoarding & perforated metal shutters announced, with a little help from social media, that the sale of the Rose Cottage Tavern by Punch Taverns. Almost immediately, neighbours and town folk streamed by to find out when or if- but more ‘when’- the Rose Cottage would be re-opening. Make your own judgement as to why this delightful jewel within Redruth might not have opened straight away. It had been badly neglected & run into the ground by both pubco & tenants. The new owner will create a community amenity to complement the growing re-birth of Redruth as a leading gateway into the Cornwall land with its quirky art deco shops, mining heritage provenance, striking architecture, enigmatic inventions & merrymaking mayhem. Visitors will revere the rich history of genius (still found locally today) that bore gas lights, radio transmissions, steam & blacksmith engineering, extravagant Victorian revival architecture then partake of the excellent food & drink at Redruth’s Rose Cottage Tavern.


This is no typical refurbishment but rather the layered planning and creation of a model pub from the ground up handicapped by a pub with a rough reputation in a ghost town without visitors.

This is the story of how The Rose Cottage Tavern became the trailblazing gastro pub of the South West that every thinking publican might wish to emulate.

Seemingly subliminal solutions such as an ePos system bound binding accounts, stock, kitchen management & online booking seemed as much beyond the industry as contemporary beer offerings.