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Redruth’s Rose – The Future?

Rose Cottage Tavern
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The Finest Family Gastropub Experience
Classic cuisine in an authentic Cornish age

As our swing sign says
you’re not going to get a pint of
Carlsberg here.

Welcome to Redruth’s Rose.

Come discover the latest idea for future
regeneration of Redruth: the Fore Street Tram
designed & built by local craftsmen

D’ruth’s Rose is a message to our children
-our future-
that anything is possible!

Rose Cottage restaurant & its ‘Tehidy’ garden
offers great hospitality with healthy
food & inspired drink choices
from around the world.

Aptly coined Redruth’s Rose, a diligent private refurbishment has made this former single storey thatched kiddlywink ‘independent’ tavern into the impossible highlight of the heart of Cornwall, Redruth. A quality fayre restaurant at low gastropub prices (peaking around or under £10) with a carefully stocked bar offering amazing wines, and the bartender would argue the best drinks anywhere: Hoegaarden, Pilsner Urquell, Bass & the Czech’s top imported unpasteurised pilsner, Hubertus, a varied gin, vodka & rum bar; it’s worth travelling 260 miles for. Super fresh, cooked from scratch with respect, staff are warm & friendly, and the wine list is well above average village pub standards.

Out of the ashes, our customers regularly find our fayre “Surprisingly Good!”

Kitchens open 5pm-9:30pm Mon-Sat. Sunday roast 12-3pm;
drinks for diners till late;
Bookings online or 01209 315343

The Rose of Redruth
Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant

Rose Cottage is where you’ll believe anything is possible. The Cottage threatens to whip Redruth into a quiet frenzy of intangible inspired hope. The Cottage enhances enigmatic flair of its workforce with top quality contemporary hardware to optimize the guest experience delivering the best classic food with probably the best stocked bar in the world!

Like the swinging sign ‘says’,
you won’t get a pint of Carlsberg here.

At first blush, Rose offers probably the best trio of beers anywhere in the world.. food & drink that
you simply cannot do at home.
An all out in good time.

What of the Future of Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant?

Redruth town is undergoing further phases of extensive regeneration involving existing plans underway to build 5,000 houses within 1/2 mile of Rose Cottage Tavern which is already en route to Redruth’s only nightclub which fill the house with younger drinkers from 10pm leaving plenty of time for the restaurant shift to have naturally finished until 1:30am with the Rose’ exisiting premises late licence.

Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant’s kitchens are industry trail blazing fully equippped & featuring the latest new equipment: fast combi ovens, induction hobs, fast pass-dishwashers, fast filtration fryers, multiple hobs, fridge prep, extraction, air intake & a walk in cold room. With an exciting established menu, stock ordering the infractruture is in place enabling any operator to secure an existing profitable restaurant revenue stream currently run with just two junior staff. All Redruth’s Rose’ reviews are 5*. There are over 125 covers with room for expansion in 4 discrete areas plus a 30-50 cover sun trap garden with scope to rebuild the first floor adding perhaps 4-5 substantial letting rooms.

Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant became an instant success despite being born out of a troublesome history in- the government statistics say- the most deprived town in the most deprived county in England (though not, of course, in the UK or Europe). The Rose holds an exclusive licence to supply the world’s top Czech pilsner to the whole of the South West of England- as yet an untapped revenue stream along with breakfast, lunch & extended hour expansion opportunities.

Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant is already the local business’ first choice for parties in the first year of trading these averaged monthly bringing in an extra £2000 turnover for each event by virtue of Rose’ ethos of unbeatable local quality, friendly, fair customer service
& ‘smart buying’ retail pricing.

Despite euphoric 1st year trading figures, Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant has initiated no advertising campaign at all rather relying upon word of mouth with “Surprisingly Good!” product again leaving scope for the benefit of a professional marketing campaign.

Refurbished in 2015 to include gas & electricity re-wiring & upgrading to 3x 100amp 3 phase & 174kWh gas currently under 50% utilised enabling expansion into take-away food+beer/delivery revenue streams with a two part car park ideal suited for more interesting artisan traders.