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Redruth’s Rose Service Companies

One of the major factors affecting a restaurant’s viability is the impact of over charging incompetent service companies.

AVSL Group Fluxia LED Lights: 25% DOA failure rate

[Planning Consultant: MJ 3 months wasted; unable to prepare competent drawings; void of architectural ideas; unwilling to embrace Cornish trade services

ElectroFreeze Ice Cream machines rejected because their machines only accept commercial synthetic ingredients.–exit-sink—1200mm-left-hand-4405-p.asp
Zero after sales service; Empire supplied an exit sink with a non standard waste; cost more in plumbers to resolve this than the sink cost.

Bartletts Refrigeration: Called into adjust rinse aid take up top of range dishwasher; left the machine broken; ordered wrong part; when encouraged to diagnosed mysteriously had ‘working but used’ part in van- where’s that come from then?; Conclusion: Bartletts cannot service nor repair; hopeless. recommended RofCo Baking oven but features poor temperature stability & stone eveness.