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Redruth’s Rose Service Companies & ex-Staff Reviews

One of the major factors affecting a restaurant’s viability is the impact of over or double charging & dishonest incompetent service companies.

Rose Cottage Tavern acknowledges the massive cost savings of builder Pat 🙂

Rose Cottage Tavern acknowledges the honesty & competence of vehicle servicing provider Hillside Garage, Bucketts Hill.

A packaging company double invoiced.
A local coffee supply company double invoiced repeatedly.
Three local whole grocers repeatedly supplied sub-standard goods.

Entirely dishonest & nasty Cornwall Electrical Services Leon James deliberately disabled £5,000 high tech kitchen equipment and power tools & breached a fire safe compartment out of either incompetence or malice; he then went on to post 1* reviews; AVOID like the plague. Utterly incompetent he relies upon sub contracting out but will [at the end of the job] pull out all his yellow pristine tool cases stacked up for 5 minutes before packing away again; crazy; if tempted ask for references.

Reference Nick Hutton £10,000

All the signs were there but Nick was given the benefit of doubt not least because he promised belief in his home town and excitement at private investment in a public amenity. At his previous place of work their menu was never on offer; he did one curry and salads everyday;  the cooking was good and he was hired him on that basis, however..

 Nick could not cook anything hot to any kind of timescale nor reliably whilst arrogantly refusing any training. If Nick could start cooking the day before for a fixed number of guests with pre-orders that might work so perhaps an event chef? No. Nick could not string together 10x breakfasts nor 5x roast dinners nor 4x suppers in less than two hours. Nick was given 3 mths & over £10,000 investment to train and resolve these issues but he is driven only by extreme laziness & anti-depressants; he wouldn’t cook bread without a bread oven; nor pizza without a dedicated pizza oven but he’d spend hours drawing up spreadsheets trying to create a sourdough recipe after refusing to use the one given to him it. He then attempted to sell rubbish product as quality. He was recommended by the local culinary College who subsequently then carefully admitted all the issues he had & ultimately withdrew their reference;  Prozac does not encourage self-motivation. His answer to his slow hot cooking was to run a combo oven at 300 degrees all day in the ignorant hope of saving a few seconds all the achieved was burning out the ovens PCB which cost the business over £7,000.

Reference  Ricky Fox terminated after vandalising fridge £700 damage but Ricky had resigned 5 times previously.

We extended generosity to give Ricky: a chance to make good after his claimed 25 years experience having not held a job down for longer than 6 months & having his former 3 contracts terminated. In reality Ricky has likely been significant in undermining all the businesses he has worked for or owned even his own fish and chip shop and bakery. Ricky has the intelligence and ability of a competent 11 year old;  a ‘chef with 25 years experience’ that doesn’t know how to cook a burger or steak; a chef that doesn’t know how to cook fish; the chef that doesn’t know how to cook a steak; does not know which spices go together. A pile it high make it big- eat it quick; can’t taste; dishonest; failed team worker insidiously falling out with everyone. unfit for work; Too arrogant to take instruction too stupid to learn; sacked after 5 warnings & 5 resignations. After dismissal, Prozac was mentioned; stock went missing & crockery was borrowed, Ricky ‘stole’ his wages every day.

reference Chris P.

years out of date bangers and mash chef driven by money and very little else. Stole his wages every day & was then unreasonably bitter.

reference Duncan W.

His wife told us he never be able to do it; made the best lemon drizzle you might imagine; made great desserts, however, he took all day to make even one cake. His wife was quite correct. Like-able guy but with issues.

AVSL Group Fluxia LED Lights: 25% DOA failure rate

[Planning Consultant: MJ 3 months wasted; unable to prepare competent drawings; void of architectural ideas; unwilling to embrace Cornish trade services

ElectroFreeze Ice Cream machines rejected because their machines only accept commercial synthetic ingredients.–exit-sink—1200mm-left-hand-4405-p.asp
Zero after sales service; Empire supplied an exit sink with a non standard waste; cost more in plumbers to resolve this than the sink cost.

Bartletts Refrigeration: Called into adjust rinse aid take up top of range dishwasher; left the machine broken; ordered wrong part; when encouraged to diagnosed mysteriously had ‘working but used’ part in van- where’s that come from then?; Conclusion: Bartletts cannot service nor repair; hopeless.

Local fish wholesalers sells up country offering us only rejected produce

Local coffee supplier double invoices

Local crockery & equipment supplier double invoices

Local licensed wholesaler 30% more expensive