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About Rose Cottage Tavern

This authentic central Cornish family gastro pub welcomes all well behaved dogs, children & their families to great food, eSports bar & alfresco garden, free WiFi, offers carefully selected producers of beers & seasonal food preferably locally.

The prosperity that was Redruth bore this upmarket & imposing 18th Century Inn with stable range, The Rose Cottage Tavern which once again welcomes you with the best that Cornwall has to offer in the contemporary guise of family friendly GastrPub.

To classic recipes we add our own twist whilst keeping things locally sourced.

Rose Sunday Roast is a huge hit with the town. Opening with a carved roast at the table really has captured a local audience; our supreme á la carte supper brings guests to the town.

We like to showcase items to our front of house team and let them try as much as the can, so they have the knowledge to really get behind the products.

Rose prefers to take optimize kitchen output with new trailblazing cooking technology to minimize costs to offer our customers the best value.

As we like to keep it local, suppliers are constantly vying for our attention together with our forward thinking we are never short on options.

Rose loves her team’s belief inspiring each other & thriving on the ability to change, adapt but always improve. No idea is unnoticed, and we are always inspired, our proprietor being the most passionately fair businessman.

We aim to open all day every day so whether you fancy a satisfying brunch, authentic coffee, tea & cake, a pint and a bar snack, or worthwhile supper you can always be sure of a friendly Rose welcome.

“When you visit Rose Cottage Tavern, you’ll believe anything is possible.” Amelie Poulain