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Supper Club at Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant Redruth

An All Out In Good Time

Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant is an independent
millenium model GastroPub-
offering a full catering experience
for your events/office parties/wedding receptions etc.
that you’d be proud to offer a beloved mother!

The very poor former reputation at Rose Cottage, Redruth, has been turned around: The New Rose offers a safe family friendly environment offering
excellent value top quality food, drink & motherly hospitality.

Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant has a state of the art kitchen & cellar is also available to rent to private chefs wishing to cater for their own events or pre-booked supper clubs. We invite ambitious, motivated, talented or entrepreneurial chefs to host amazing events where unique menus, chef-diner interaction and fun communal tables are welcome.

Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant
will also host entertainment or live music
whilst providing a staffed full bar.
Opened 6 April 2016 to a cameo performance of New Rose by The Damned, previously hosted original retro bands include:
The Stranglers, The Vibrators, The Bangles, The Jam & more

Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant-
the soul of the Regeneration of Redruth-
humbly extends a warm invitation to guests.